Let music do the talking…

How can music affect the way we understand and experience images? How can it shape a story?

Being a music editor for film, video or television consists in using the power of music to shape the message that the director wants to transmit.

I obtained a grant from the Generalitat of Catalunya to work as a music editor at Televisió de Catalunya, the public catalan broadcaster, from september 2013 to August 2014. The job consisted in selecting and editing appropriate music for television programs and documentaries as well as providing musical advice to television producers. I had the chance to work for many programs such as Karakia, Esport Club, Temps d’Aventura, La Marató, …

Here you have a selection of some of the programs that I edited or collaborated with:

El Club de la Mitja Nit

Karakia Jan

Karakia Pedro

Karakia Gladys

Karakia Assia

Escola FCB

Cinema 3

Temps d’aventura: Kayak Extrem

Temps d’aventura: La Gordon Bennet

Motor a fons: especial Marc Márquez

Espai Terra

Néixer de 9

Tv3 a la carta

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