Animal Sound was my Bachelor’s Thesis of my BA in Music.

This project works on the possibility of using binaural recording techniques on animals, in particular, on a domestic goat. With microphones placed inside its ears and with a small video camera mounted on his head, we obtain an audiovisual material that enables one to have an approximate idea about how an animal perceives the world. Based on a study of comparative cognition, we aim to find ways of transforming the obtained recordings in order to adapt the human and the animal psychoacoustic frame. The goal is that a person can hear as does an animal, even if this happens only in an approximate way. The materials obtained during the recordings are the starting point to build soundscapes and audiovisual pieces. Therefore, the project begins with the design and construction of a binaural microphone, it continues with field recordings on animals and ends with the edition, processing and composition of final soundscapes.

If you want to know more, you can download the thesis of the project: Animal-Sound.pdf. (It is written in Catalan).

This project has been published at RECERCAT, the “research digital library” of the Generalitat of Catalunya.

The project was exhibited at GEMAK GALLERY in the Hague, as part of an exhibition called SONIFIED OBJECTS.