In 2015 I  worked for TV3, the Catalan public broadcaster, producing several episodes for “Blog Europa”.
“Blog Europa” is a TV Program that tells daily life European stories. I was in charge of proposing topics, research, film and edit the final video pieces.   
You can check the collection of videos I produced on the website of TV3:

1- Smartlappen and Leivenslied: The traditional music of the Netherlands. 
2- Animal farm in  town: City farms in The Hague. 
3- The art of Turkish fastfood.
4- Laboratory of Electronic Music.
5- Towards a Neoliberal Europe.
6- Dutch International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War

Documentary | The Netherlands & Belgium | 2015 | 4-6 minutes

Directed, filmed and edited by Eduard Figueres.
Produced by Francesc Pou and Miquel Garcia.
Camera Assistants: Julio Molina, Tamia Cotacachi.