“Voice of the Barka” is an ongoing documentary project that follows the stories of the people who live along the Darling River (Barka), in New South Wales, Australia.

The Barka  was once a cornerstone of Australia’s cultural and industrial identity. Now it is a dry, parched and suffocated expanse of empty river beds and struggling communities. “The Voice of the Barka” travels the length of the Barka uncovering this injustice and the horrifying accounts of suicide, disease, mental illness, loss of employment, animal extinction, ecocide and destruction of culture. Through a comprehensive record of over 100 voices who’ve emerged to tell their stories, it explores a case for the Rights of Nature and a regenerative-based economy in Australia as unquestionable necessities to move forward from this ecological and social disaster.

“The Voice of the Barka” gives a voice to the voiceless and empowers local community members who have been ignored. Aboriginal elders, mothers, children, farmers, fishermen, mayors, musicians and irrigators are among those who’ve emerged calling for environmental protection of their waterways. An abundance of potential solutions have come to the table, but in order to promote them to a wider audience, they need amplifying. A panel of independent lawyers and environmental & human-rights experts has compiled the Citizens’ Inquiry into the Health of the Barka/Darling River  to present to Federal, State and Local Australian Governments. “The Voice of the Barka” will amplify this report through a suite of compelling short documentary films and photographic exhibits.

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Documentary | Australia | Film being developed

Director: Ryan Jasper
Production company: Aeon Vision & Peoples Productions.
Producer: Ryan Jasper & Clare Lewis
Assistant director: Monique Upton
Camera: Ryan Jasper, Eduard Figueres and Tamia Cotacachi
Drone operator: Eduard Figueres
Photography: Eduard Figueres
Editor: Ryan Jasper and Eduard Figueres
Sound: Mark Merritt